AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. while bringing reasonable prices, quality, speed, variety, and technology together with its product line and service profile, it considers its survival with a constantly developing and renewing structure according to the needs and demands of its stakeholders as its most fundamental responsibility. On this roadmap drawn by our mission, by constantly speeding up its efforts, it takes being one of the successful companies of Turkey  operating at international arena as its task with an understanding respectful to the society and environment, being prudent to its staff who are its most important resources and abiding by its principles and values.


AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. with its success in managing the projects and processes including all of the products and services and having a  broad vision and structure build on a solid foundation is preparing itself for the future from today and reaching beyond the age. While supporting its faith for always doing the better with its sustainable success, is taking solid steps to becoming a World brand in its sector.