Supports the development of the children, their attendance to school, their attendance to education programs approved by authorities, their attendance to vocational education and encourage them to benefit from similar activities

Refuses to employ child workers according to Turkish laws,

Organizes training in line with constant development and improvement strategies,

Plans working areas with prioritizing the social security of our staff and integrate innovations to them,

Complies with labor health and security rules,

Respects the rights of all of its staff and provides a trustful and healthy working environment without discrimination by approaching to its staff fairly and honest,

Shows the necessary effort for the personal development of its staff and consider the balance between private and business life,

Works to increase the satisfaction of its staff who are willing to offer the best quality service in their works,

Develop and manage infrastructure systems which will help the management and communication of the staff,

Refuses any kind of discrimination arising from belief, language, ethnicity, gender, political thought, religion, sect, age, disability and the like,

Works with cherishing morality related to the consciousness of the society,

Works to create a positive and harmonious environment supporting cooperation by avoiding conflict areas and thus enables the harmonious work of the people having different views,

Provides its staff the personal rights and wages determined by the laws and constantly raises their awareness with trainings,

Respects the right of representation of its staff and never lets them work under any oppression and debted,

Employs all its staff in equal conditions and in due positions with their consent.


Since its establishment, AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC., besides economic development, continues to its efforts for the development of the social life and increasing the social. It also built its Social Responsibility Policy on this understanding. Both in local and international scope realized many projects regarding education, culture, environment and alike and also took part in similar projects. Seeing the Social Responsibility Policy as the key for sustainable success, it takes its place as the main sponsor of the activities of Giresun Off Road Club, Jeep and Outdoor Sports Association, Green Giresun Municipality Sports Club Association and Giresun Sports Club Association. It also carries out activities on the subjects sensitive for the society like preparing posters for reducing violence and similar acts.