The quality understanding of Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. starts from the raw materials’ procurement. The propriety of all of the raw materials chosen for socks production are determined with tests carried out in its own laboratories. So quality process does not only contain the production phase but is a long process containing the sales and after sales customer relations and customer satisfaction.

While procuring the raw materials suitable for the quality standards of the customer, our company, at the same time develops the raw materials’ quality and checks them periodically.

After inputting the order into the system, procurement department checks the present stock situation via ERP system and creates the procurement order of the raw material.  The amount of the ordered raw material and its compliance with the quality standards are determined through entry checks. Then, by testing the raw materials’ compliance to the customers’ expectations and quality standards in the test laboratories, the acceptance of the materials are made and they get stocked in the areas determined by the addressing systems. The first received yarns are put to tests like resistance tests, surface smoothness test, yarn number test, humidity test and so on. Also, the quality of the colored yarns is tested with determining their fastness to washing, fastness to rubbing, resistance to acids and sweat, resistance to alkali sweat, cross staining etc. Together with these tests, the experts do color tests in the quality control cabins with special lighting.

Upon realizing the entry checks of other auxiliary materials according to their order amount and production sequence, their acceptance is made due to the delivery receipt process. The materials are made ready for production with blockage method based on PO.