Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. makes no concessions from its philosophy about offering the right quality, at the right time, at the right amount and to the right price.  To realize our philosophy, we target to provide a service that is beyond the expectation of our customers with delivery being in the first place.

Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. exactly performs its work health and safety policies. Accordingly, besides using automatic sprinter fire extinguishers systems in its stores, we also use smoke detectors, smoke-hole lighting, emergency exit, and direction equipment with phosphor, extinguisher equipment. Also with our certified teams, we conduct fire drills and inspection. By this way, we protect the life safety of our staff and also our material assets.


With our delivery and acceptance criteria in line with our delivery and receipt principles, we control the stock management by in-store addressing system and use the storing area effectively. With the product tracking and stock management modules of ERP system, we monitor all these processes online. For our timely and safe transportation, we receive services of internationally accredited transportation companies having a worldwide network. Our agreements with these companies allow us to secure all the losses with insurance policies from the point of loading to the point of delivery and all the transportation vehicles are traced with GPS systems.