Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. has the capacity to carry out various tests in its physical test laboratories with its experienced staff. By using all technological opportunities, we are able to carry out many physical and visual tests starting from raw material entry phase to the control of the products. With our laboratory, we first control the humidity levels of the raw materials during the entry stage with yarn evenness test (conical board), resistance tests, surface smoothness test, yarn number test, humidity test.

After coloring the yarns, color match control is made in the light cabins.

Then the quality of the yarn is tested with fastness to washing, fastness to rubbing, resistance to acids and sweat, resistance to alkali sweat, cross staining tests.

Color continuity is controlled by archiving color confirmation and continuity in the light cabins.

Products’ color fastness to washing tests, dry rubbing fastness tests, wet rubbing fastness test, shrinkage tests are performed together with standard board controls. Tensile tests are also performed for the products with accessories.

As a result, our company is committed to provide the most proper and qualified products for the health and comfort of the people,  will continue to produce more comfortable and healthier products for the end users.