Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc., is operating with the high technology machines with cherishing its quality values and unconditional customer satisfaction. We support this process with R&D and P&D works.

We also have a great variety of constructions produced by using cotton, mercerized, organic cotton, cotton elastane, viscose, nylon, microfiber, elastane, polyester, polyester elastane, bamboo, modal, collmax, seacell, merino wool, lambswool, lurex, silvery yarns, space-dyed degrade yarn, acrylic yarn, cashmere, silk and linen yarns.


In Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc.,  we also hold  ISO 9001 – 2000 Quality Certificate and control all the production phases and processes. “Producing the best quality products” has become a motto of the knitting production process.


Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. has reached 300.000 pairs/a day production capacity with it’s 950 computerized machines and its experienced and expert staff. Besides our flatbed knitting group, we enriched our high technology machine infrastructure with 3D, jacquard and embossed knitting lines to follow today’s trends. We can respond to increasing demands of our customers by producing flatbed, designed, embossed terry, reverse terry, jacquard, and 3D  with our high technology socks production machines.  We also offer a flexible production infrastructure by offering baby, children, ladies, men, pantyhose and accessorized product lines.

AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. is the leading company in its sector with single cylinder toe closing and single cylinder open toe machinery and seven color and double drop knitting types.

As Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. we care for three main objectives; Quality of the product, human health, and environmental sensitivity.

During the production phase, we control the socks according to our quality standards and take the necessary actions immediately.

By constantly controlling the chemical and dye used in production, we avoid using any kind of substance that will affect the human health negatively.

We control the environmental effects in every stage of pre-production and post-production phases. In all of our activities, we consider the protection and sustainability of the environment first. We control the environmental effects all through the production processes and care for the effective use of natural resources.

Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. realizes its production with considering the labor laws and principles of the Republic of Turkey and shapes it according to the special requests and accreditation demands of its customers.

“Production Tracing System” we use allows us to gather immediate data in every stage of the production, to obtain reports about the production performance parameters and on-line analysis.