The characteristics of Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. that distinguishes itself is its powerful design capability. Our company has developed machinery which can produce the designs of changing fashion trends and expectations of our customers, speed service, and experienced design/sampling staff. Our aspects such as these make us one of the innovative and leading companies. We also participate in the events taking place in foreign countries which have a say in fashion, make observations during our shop visits, follow customer trends and by this way carry out macro and microanalysis.

We serve to our customers with our local and foreign designers with a target-focused approach by considering their increasing change need and fulfill their urgent expectations. Our technical staff in İstanbul and Giresun offers to our customers their designs before receiving their orders.  Our customers are both able to choose from the creations especially designed for their market or from the collections we prepared according to the themes they presented.

Using the ENEAS 3D design software enabling the 3D modeling in preparing product design, Akın Socks Ind. and Trade Inc. also closely observes he technological developments around the World. 3Ddisplays in ENEAS program simulates the drawings just like their products and increases service speed.