AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. employs talented and resilient people with high energy who are able to comply with the companies fundamental qualifications and values with adopting equal opportunity and objectivity principles. It also strives for increasing their productivity to improve them and make them permanent in the company.

AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. is a human-oriented company which considers its staff as its most important strength and their customer as the most important part of the company.  By using contemporary valuation methods supporting objective decision-making during employment and recruitment process,  it acts according to the “Right Person to Rights Job” principle.

Moving from the “Right Person to Rights Job” principle; all or a part of the below-given evaluation tools are applied according to the requirements of the position.

  • Competency-based interview
  • Evaluation Center Applications
  • Placement Test
  • Personality Inventory

By using the mentioned evaluation methods; candidates are placed in a position due to their knowledge, skills, competence, and qualifications.

In our frequently used personality inventory, our employment experts make at least two interviews with the candidates together with the managers of the related position.  In their first interview, candidates are asked to fill the “personality inventory”. Outputs of the inventory which evaluate the candidates in terms of leadership, communication skills, analytical thinking, compliance with teamwork play a major role in decision-making.

During the selection and placement process, according to the qualifications of open positions, works of “Evaluation Center” are also applied.  By using various simulation tools, candidates’ attitudes and behaviors in professional life are also observed.  Reference investigations are made for the successful candidates according to the results of interviews, personal inventory and evaluation center applications. Candidates who complete this process successfully receive a job offer by our employment team.  Besides the forms in our website, you may fill out the forms that you can obtain from our Istanbul or Giresun factories.

The applications of the candidates which has not been considered after the interviews are kept and traced in the database for one year to be evaluated in different positions.

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