The main target of AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. “Human Resources Policy” is to keep the motivation of its staff high, to create productive processes while strengthening staff’s devotion to the enterprise and to create a peaceful family environment to its staff by enabling the sharing of every kind of thought and opinion according to transparency principle.

Adopting investing in human as one of its fundamental principles, beyond the success of AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. lies happy and qualified human power.  To determine the proper human resource, realize its procurement, sustaining its adoption, employ them with high motivation and develop their sense of belonging to the enterprise are embraced as the fundamental tasks.


For this reason,  by developing its staff’s technical and behavioral compatibility, AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. contributes its staff’s advancement in their career plans according to their talents. Playing active roles in the processes enables quick decision-making  processes and this brings the development and productivity.