To fulfill its responsibilities for the society and the environment, AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC. commits to;

  • Prevent the environment from being polluted,
  • Reduce the pollution in its source,
  • Manage their environmental activities according to confirmed national and international management systems,
  • Monitor its customers’ rules concerning environment constantly and operate accordingly,
  • Determine the dimensions of the environment in the factory and effects to it,
  • Create the necessary procedures and directions to control these dimensions,
  • Follow the innovations in Environment Technology field,
  • Raise the environmental awareness of all its staff,

and handles these commitments as its “Environment Policy”.

AKIN SOCKS IND. and TRADE INC developed its Environment Policy from the belief that the environment and nature are the most valuable treasures and sources of life to be protected. Thus, we constantly renew and develop our environment and energy management systems. By reducing the pre-production and post-production wastes to the maximum possible extent, we prevent the possible pollution in its source.  Besides that,  by using the energy efficiently, we fulfill our task of minimizing the negative impacts of our production activities to nature.

Protecting today and tomorrow by our gentle approach to nature, AKIN SOCKS generates maximum output from sunlight to increase internal light level by ceiling light systems. We also achieve saving by LED lighting in other areas. In the scope of a permission regarding Waste Water, we are also performing Waste Water Analysis Tests in every 4 months and uploading the results to the portal of Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning via environment information system. Performing the necessary emission measurements, Akın Socks reduces all the pollution in its own resource by keeping the dangerous temporary waste area in the factory. We also successfully fulfill our mission of protecting the environment to its finest detail by delivering the medical and herbal wastes generated in the factory and facilities to licensed companies and the waste batteries to authorized municipalities.